Sword Art Online Episode 17

So the master, evil plan has been revealed by Sugou (Asuna’s fiance). It gets into a lot of the interesting topics of the brain-computer interface, the idea of using a computer to affect the brain. Theoretically possible, but as he said, highly unethical. If you think of the memories as an identifying feature of a person, you’re theoretically killing someone and replacing them with someone of your own design, aka playing god. He even revealed that he trapped Asuna and the others on purpose.

I’m a bit curious about where the other trapped players are right now…he said he was experimenting with them, but does that mean they appear in the game? Or is this remote and separate from the game? I wonder if it’s anyone we know…I didn’t see too many familiar faces on the list he flashed this week. Oh well…at least the final boss is very clear in this arc.

On an unrelated note, Kirito would pick a race that’s all about farming (for clarification, I mean the RPG definition of this term in doing often repetitive tasks to gain experience, items, or gold). Lyfa said that Spriggans specialize in illusions and treasure hunting, so my brain automatically thinks “Kirito gets extra gold and higher drop rates, and he can also farm safely using things like clones to distract the AI).

Speaking of Lyfa (and ending the game terminology), I wonder how long it’ll take for Suguha to realize Kirito is actually her brother. I mean, all Kirito has to do is go into her room and see the giant Lyfa poster, but clearly he doesn’t do that at all. Will she find out near the end or will it happen soon? My bet is soon…although, I can’t believe she didn’t just instantly recognize him because of how he looks. Anyway, next week they go to the World Tree? It feels like Asuna and Kirito should have some form of communication soon, but I don’t see how that can happen. Seems odd to have him fly in the dark (get it? cuz he has wings?).

22 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 17”

  1. I guess I’ll start my reply with is a person dead if they get amnesia? Theoretically the memories are gone and therefore the person is dead since their identifying feature is gone?

    Im kind of ticked about the master plan since it feels like a let down to just give it away and the plan itself is a let down. I was expecting something more than just I rerouted some of the logouts. It was foreshadowed by Egil talking about how the upgrade to nervgear is less able to be hacked so at least theres that, but I have a feeling that will foreshadow something else as well in the future. My guess would be Kirito getting mind hacked (since he still uses Nerv gear). Asuna may get hacked as well so we could get a Street Fighter thing going on here (both Ken and Ryu ended up under mind control at one point)

    The final boss may be clear, but the method to defeat him is still very in the dark. Kirito can’t beat him in battle for two reasons.

    1. It wouldnt do anything since beating down on the king would mean nothing.
    2. Since he is a system admin, he can easily remove kirito’s sword art online skills which he is currently using.

    The fact that Kirito is a Spriggan will probably play a more important role later when trying to free Asuna. Either as a method of escape after meeting with her, or as a method to actually free her (fake an escape using the illusion magic in order to create the circumstances for a real escape).


    1. Also I’m leaning more toward Kirito getting hacked just because of the fact that he paused when inputting his name into the game and remembered that the antagonist knows who he is so there is that too. Yui will probably undo that in some way tho.


    2. The amnesia question kinda depends on your interpretation of the soul and where identity is. Suppose it also depends on how you define death. If it’s truly amnesia, memories are lost and they cannot simply come back (this isn’t always the case). In that sense, it has the permanence of death…you can try to rebuild what you had, but it would never truly be the same (though it could get close). It’s as if you’ve cloned someone and the clone is without memories, then killed the original. At the end of the day, is it really the same person? That’s my take on it (not a very spiritual person, as you may see).

      I suppose I can sorta see Sugou using his new mind hacking ability…not sure if I see it happening to Kirito, though. It’s a funny concept, and may be hard to approach correctly. I agree that I wasn’t expecting the reveal so soon, though.

      I’m sure they’ll find a way for them to fight…Kirito’s the chosen one, after all. No admin is safe.

      When you say it like this, you suggest Asuna is freed early and then they’ll come back to save everyone in the game in the final fight…whereas I was more seeing Asuna as kind of a final thing (a loose end if you will).

      And that pause in Kirito’s character selection has been bugging me for a while now…there hasn’t been any indication of why it happened and I’m super curious…


      1. Actually I do see freeing Asuna as the final thing, I was just commenting on how it may be done. Im just gonna assume saving Asuna = saving everyone because thats how it usually goes in these types of anime.

        Well if you noticed the flashback Kirito has when inputting his name, it was of the antagonist going “Oh so you’re Kirito-kun. The hero of Aincrad” or something of that nature. So Kirito naturally believes that if he enters his name theres a chance he may be discovered, but im guessing chooses to do so anyway because he wants Asuna to realize that he is coming for her. That and Im guessing relative safety from the possibility of a million kiritos being in the game although I maybe not since the gov did make it seem like they kept a pretty tight lid on all events that occurred within the game.


        1. I’m sure Kirito will find a way to win, but I bet it will be in more of a mental way than the way he defeated Heathcliff in SAO. He may have Yui take over the system and mind wipe the antagonist or perhaps he will record the guy confessing to everything and take that to Asuna’s father. I just cant see the antagonist agreeing to to a 1 v 1 fight for it all and then honoring it if he loses. It doesnt fit with his character.


      2. Yup…that’s basically what I’m thinking.

        yeah, I saw that…very suspicious.

        True…this guy seems more like a coward than Kayaba was.


  2. I bet Kirito finds out Lyfa is his sister after they make out or something of that nature. She’s clearly mad for him.

    Final boss is probably going to be a massive cheater when Kirito fights him. Although I know Kirito will win regardless of how much he cheats.


    1. make out? OH GOD IT’S ONI AI AGAIN! SAVE ME!!

      well, clearly he is the chosen one…he’s immune to death and everything…


  3. been a while since i visit this blog…

    well first of all you wouldn’t be killing the person but you will however will be playing god since if you can control people easily like that then you can decide how they will act and the like that if you manage to control personality personality seem rather different then pure memory alone but i guess you can change personality if you alter memory enough time now if the memory is altered this way it won’t be like amnesia since your previous memory would disappear and change into something else meaning you will never get it back since it would have gone forever your body might remember something else but you won’t remember clearly so their identity is change if you may say because even if you change their memory about their name and the like they would soon be realise by those around him/her about their personality and might be change again to fit the original as for the technology as unethical as it may be it can be used to erase trauma you know removing fear and the like can be done using the brain control technology what interest me is how far this technology goes is it limited to memory change and somehow personality change?or can it be used to remove limiter and removing pain?

    as for sugou he is the final boss without a doubt but getting pass through his authority as an admin maybe a rather difficult task well if you take over his authority then it maybe possible asuna and kirito would probably be alright unless sao decide to heat thing up a bit and have people dying left and right well either way we got some hacker such as yui or kayaba to fill that role and kirito would easily finish the pervert soon to be criminal sugou…

    and kirito character is good at getting loot i am guessing there is dungeon and kirito character is specialize in finding treasure and sneak attack not sure how looting suddenly come but it is opinion…


    1. Well, pain is kind of a tricky thing. We don’t understand it very well and what exactly goes into it…I would think that altering memories and messing with “stored information” is a lot easier because we have a better idea of how that works. That being said, removing trauma sounds great and all, but aren’t we actually lowering our own tolerance by making things easy for ourselves?

      It seems to me like this arc is much less death-oriented than the last one…probably have many more “survivors” or something. If Kirito beat a system admin before, he shouldn’t have any trouble doing it again.

      He’s got a character that’s all about increasing his level, getting the best gear, and getting stronger once again…I’m telling you, it’s made for him even if Lyfa said it was useless.


    2. pain is a safety measure as a method of brain to ensure your survival and you don’t hurt yourself it is using stimuli to know where you are damage and send to the brain where you are hurt and there you go pain now well the outward of it anyway i wonder if using the brain control technology will allow you to remove the acceptant of the stimuli that cause pain because if it can you wouldn’t feel pain at all no matter what you do well that if the machine work that far well i knew nothing of the machine so far other than it alter memories…well in term of it yes it is easier to alter stored memories rather than “memories that exist for a while before disappearing”well human aren’t suppose to be strong in term of physical we are weaker than animal our greatest power which ensure our survival until today is our mind to create machine like this so no i can safely say there is nothing wrong with removing trauma/lowering tolerance because it is already low anyway and will without a doubt go lower as technology progress…

      well the new antagonist can’t pull the same kind of stunt kayaba did so no this one would cause less death than the previous one beside compare to kayaba this one is a pushover he isn’t as genius as kayaba and only copy his system and data….

      well explain please sure about the best gear since it is treasure looting but leveling up?


      1. That would be the purpose of pain, but it’s not the way it works. We have little understanding of how exactly it is triggered and maintained. It’s not quite so simple as hitting the “remove pain” button. We don’t know what exactly is linked with that…the effects on the rest of the mind and stuff.

        Yeah…Kayaba had genius and this guy just has ambition.

        As your equipment gets better, you’re able to fight at a higher level than other people at your level, so you can train more efficiently. And using illusions to take shots for you allows you effectively increase your total health, so you survive longer.


    3. hmm i have little knowledge on neuroscience please explain to me if you understand more about it then what i have known would gladly appreciate it if you can correct me…from what i know is that when your body touch something harmful to your body it cause a stimuli that cause pain and then send it to the brain to tell what is harming your body and some part of the brain that job is to perceive the pain( tell you about it and you will react to it it can get more technical but neuroscience and biology isn’t my strong point but in my mind i was thinking of removing or turning off the brain part that receive the pain…as for the link part pain travel from periphery to the spinal cord…but again this is coming from someone that is terrible at the subject…

      i agree sadly we never knew about his ambition…what was he trying to achieve and what is he doing now and more importantly where is he…

      i see good point i guess well i haven’t played mmorpg in a while so i will leave it to you marth speaking of which did you ever play mmorpg?


      1. All I really know is that pain is linked to a special type of receptor that is also used for normal senses or something like that, so taking it away would probably make us numb (as far as I know). I don’t think pain is a special type of thing…I personally think it’s just an enhanced version of normal touch.

        I played a lot of Guild Wars back in the day…not too much nowadays.


      2. i see well a prize to pay for no pain true i forgot about that i was focus on the receptor ability to perceive pain i forgot about it’s other feature so sorry about that …well not sure but if you think about it yeah it give the same stimuli however this one is unnerving and rather weird effect rather than some normal touch even the body have something called reflex to avoid it quicker and unlike normal touch it can cause fear your brain remember to make sure you avoid it so it is quite special…if you combine the numb with a soldier and the ability to remove the limiter that hold human muscle from being destroyed and a body to accompany it of course you can create a super soldier imagine if the government is using that with this technology…

        i see hmm well you still played it yes?


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