Robotics;Notes Episode 3

Well played, Kai…looks like Subaru has finally joined the Robotics Club, blackmailed with his identity as Mr. Pleiades. I wonder if they made him share the prize money…that would be especially evil. I guess the main things this week were again Akiho’s sister, who seemed to be studying Kai with her boss or something. I wonder if it was just looking at his skills or whether it was some sort of analysis of some sort of power…it looked like they were gathering some strange numbers.

If it is some sort of power, it would explain Kai’s strange feelings during the tournament…could be attributed to simple sleep deprivation, but likely related to whatever the main story of the show is. Don’t tell me he has some crazy sickness too…or that it’s linked with Akiho’s. Anyway, next week going to JAXA…is this Space Bros? And who is this Frau Koujiro they introduced? Looks like another main character based on the opening, but why did Kai react…do they know each other or was he just curious? This show moves so slowly…

6 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 3”

  1. Anyway, next week going to JAXA…is this Space Bros?

    I can’t tell if this is a joke or not (hard to interpret tones on the internet), but I’m just going to say that JAXA is real.


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