Sword Art Online Episode 16

Yui has finally returned in the form of a Pixie! Anyone else think it was kinda stupid for Kirito to delete her item, which I’m assuming at that point was like a backup of her core data? What if Cardinal destroys her again? But I guess it’s an older version of Cardinal, so Yui should be able to handle it.

Speaking of Cardinal and the system of the new game Aflheim, I shuddered a bit when Yui used the word “copy” for the former SAO servers. It suggests that the SAO servers were shut down, but the data was first replicated into a different server. This then suggests that if they hadn’t been shut down, there would technically be “two Asunas” or whoever is still trapped in the world. That just has some weird implications. Makes more sense if Aflheim runs on SAO’s servers, which were never shut down (which may be what it is, but this isn’t made very clear).

Agil described this game as being more magic-based than SAO…I guess they’re trying to cover all extremes when it comes to genres of gaming. But one thing he said bugs me…he said something about athletic ability being part of how skills work in this new game. It’s not completely clear what that means. I wouldn’t expect Kirito is so strong in real life that he’s able to overpower those characters…clearly it’s a god mod from his past data. But does this mean that later on, his physical ability will help him somehow? That’s what isn’t clear to me.

Anyway, next week it looks like we’ll see what really happened to Asuna and why she’s in that birdcage on the World Tree. Also, Asuna’s replacement seems fairly similar to her so far (Leafa, was it?)…guess we’ll see how she is too. She isn’t using the wing controller, so I get the sense of mobility from her…that’s all. I guess Kirito gets recruited by the Sylph? Or do he and Leafa just get disowned by their races? Not like he cares…he’s used to being a one-man army after all. And is the sister supposed to join this game too?

18 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 16”

  1. This was actually pretty good given the rehashed plot. Here is what I gleaned.

    1. Given what we know from 14, SAO servers were destroyed (in terms of data), Heathcliff explained this after all 3 had died that SAO was in the process of deleting data. Therefore Asuna’s data was deleted. Why kirito’s wasn’t, I assume its because he outlived Heathcliff and plot armor allowed him to come back and log out normally.

    2. The original Asuna data is dead, however, given that the data from SAO was copied, she is somehow preserved. How much of the data was preserved? We shall soon find out. This would explain why she can’t wake up, and why there are about 300 other players that havent woken up. Their minds are still preserved just in a different game.

    3. The return of Yui was nice. Like how they didnt just forget about her. I doubt the physcial abilities notion will matter here unless Kirito is somehow forced to relinquish his SAO skillset.

    4. Im really interested in seeing Asuna. She obviously doesnt have the logout option, and being that she is at the top of the tower, I wonder if she is preserved in this game as an immortal object or something like Yui, assuming her memories are intact. However, it would not surprise if the guy who is trying to marry her altered her data in some fashion and Yui will be necessary to alter it back.


    1. 1. so theoretically that means that at some point, there were two copies of Asuna’s mind, if my logic is correct?

      2. If this Asuna is a copy of the real Asuna, does this mean the real Asuna is dead? This seems like a “soul” question.

      3. Nah…I’m guessing they give Kirito dual sword back at some point over that.

      4. Yeah, I’m curious too. Will she act like a game character or will she be herself? Heck…will she only exist in the game from now on?


  2. 1. Techinically yes. Think of it like saving a file onto a floppy disk. You have the current file on the computer and a backup safe elsewhere. The difference is that anything that occured after the backup point will not be on the disk. So in terms of Asuna, given that this is an older version of cardinal, we can deduce that her mind probably predates meeting Yui and probably predates meeting Kirito (since she didnt meet him until one year after the beginning of SAO). My personal guess is that it predates even SAO and was overwritten in some way.

    2. Yes and no. Im sure you have seen Stein’s Gate. Same thing would apply here techinically (think kurisu)

    3. I doubt he’ll get dual sword skill back just because that was a unique skill to SAO and this game deosnt seem to have skills and relies on player’s abilities as was said before. Although, kirito (and any other SAO user for that matter) is probably an exception to this because some of his skills (dual sword no included because both he and Yui said it was incompatible with the game) seem to be transferable. Normally players arent given a skill set in this game.

    4. Considering plot armor, she will probably return to her body at some point.

    What I really want to know is what the author is going for here. I mean I feel that its obvious that SAO is a love story, but to what end? If it was your normal love story, why make a second arc? Why not just continue developing the story in SAO? I doubt the author created a second arc without a necessity to. I’m thinking a fairly large sacrifice or tragedy occurs in this arc that will really develop their relationship. I am praying that this wont be the generic save the girl I love arc as that would just be such a let down after the story was so well developed and so strong through the first half.


    1. 1. You think she’ll be a past version of herself? That could be interesting. Personally, I think it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s an interesting theory. I think that if it were a previous version of SAO, though, Kirito wouldn’t have said his stats were exactly the same. I feel like he would have noticed they were behind.

      2. But when you deal with time travel, there’s sort of this idea of the “native world.” Almost like you’re from a different dimension, which means you technically aren’t a copy because you’re technically a separate person with different experiences. We’re talking about physically copying every aspect of a person’s mind and then killing the original…that has insane implications for the soul.

      3. You think Kirito is the only one who would be updated by his former SAO character? He is the chosen one, after all…but logically, it would make sense for the other former players to still have their skills…maybe they’re too emotionally distraught to log back in?

      4. Maybe…I assume nothing after accidentally calling her death flag.

      I’m not sure what to tell you…after seeing Accel World, I don’t expect all that much from this author. Nothing horribly deep, I’m saying. I’m actually wondering if there’s a third arc…I think LN readers have suggested something like that. Honestly, this arc is starting to seem fairly generic, but I’m glad Kirito isn’t vengeful like Haseo. At least he isn’t a total jerk.


      1. 1. The line about his stats is up for debate. We don’t know if he meant his numerical stats or just the classifications of his stats. We have already been told that this game does not use stat parameters so the fact that he has retained them at all could be to what he is referring

        2. Well technically you arent killing anything by deleting the SAO data. The body is still alive obviously. All that was destroyed was an Asuna that had different experiences than the current Asuna. Furthermore, Id argue the mind/experiences were what were destroyed not her soul.

        As for time travel and the native world theory, let’s look at Stein’s Gate. Makise Kurisu from world A was no different than Makise Kurisu from world B. They were exactly the same in every way until one event changed their path and lead them to different experiences, which ironically enough all ended up being related anyway implying a connection between all the Kurisu’s which Kurisu stated herself (the me of the next world will always love you, or the dreams of different world lines). What does this tell us? Two things

        1. The soul is not tangible. Since it is not tangible it cannot be destroyed by deletion a tangible action.

        2. The soul is inherent and unrelated to experiences. If this werent true, mind wipes and time travel would mean a soul was lost and or there are an infinite number of different souls for the same person.

        3. I dont think Kirito is the only one who is updated, just that his update comes from SAO. We may find later on that there are similar characters who can match and challenge Kirito (seems like a way to set up a Boss fight). However, I dont think he will get his dual weild option back because that was unique to the game SAO and inapplicable in this game. Despite the same general format being used the unique game-specific things were not.

        4. Fair enough

        Accel World wasn’t all that bad for what it was. It still has loads of potential. However, you couldnt expect what SAO gave you in it. They are two different genres. I mean its like comparing Code Geass and Kurogane no linebarrel. Same guy directed both, but clearly Geass was better.

        Tbh I wouldnt judge this arc just yet. While the premise may seem generic its how its done that matters. Code Geass, Death Note, and SAO had the most generic vague plots I have ever read, but they were executed in a unique and flawless way that made them great. So while this arc seems generic, let’s watch the character interactions and see how it pans out. SAO has been phenomenal so far, so let’s give the writer the benefit of the doubt in choosing not to take the easy, obvious, but effective route of continuing SAO in the context of the game SAO.


        1. 1. Possible…guess we don’t know enough about the game quite yet.

          2. Really just a matter of what you want to believe. I’ve written posts about both time travel and the notion of the soul and I’ve always preferred the possibility of time travel and never really believed there to be a soul. I personally believe that the same person in different time periods should be considered to be two different people.

          3. You think these characters that can match Kirito will be modding like Heathcliff? Or just former SAO players? Or just actually good at this game?

          Well, if I weren’t willing to give the benefit of the doubt, I wouldn’t be watching…just trying to be wary, that’s all.


          1. 1. well that was just my take on it, we will find out soon enough

            2. fair enough

            3. By match Kirito all I meant is that they will have stats from SAO. Remember this game doesnt have a level system or stat system. It is based on physical ability so having strength parameters and the like is a big advantage in this game because they will make you stronger in the game than the average human physical capabilities on which the game is based. If people who played SAO played this game it is likely that they will also have these parameters allowing them to fight on equal ground with Kirito (not syaing Kirito wont kill them because he was such a dominant player in SAO, but it will at least be a fight on equal ground).


    1. I think he means the rules of the game for ALfheim. Egil (sp?) explained it pretty clearly.

      1. There are no levels
      2. There are no stats/skills, the game is based on physical abilities of the user
      3. Flying is possible
      4. PKing is encouraged

      He might have said something about this being more magic based but I dont recall. The first two are what matter though because Kirito’s character is obviously different in that Kirito retained sword skills and stats


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