Code:Breaker First Impressions

And the psychic powers continue with this one. I was kinda looking forward to it after reading some of the manga. Basically, it centers around Sakurakouji Sakura (lol that name), who spots a bunch of people being burned to death with blue flames, courtesy of Ogami Rei. Rei has that Hei (Darker than Black) duality going on with the super nice civilian personality and the cold work demeanor. And theoretically, Sakura isn’t totally useless because she knows how to fight.

As for music, the opening isn’t anything great, but I like the ending song. Anyways, now Sakura has been dragged into this world of psychic powers (because it’s not like she’s going to die or anything so soon). It’s been a while since I read the manga, so I can’t remember if she has her own power or if she gets her own power or if she just sits around without powers. Doesn’t really matter to me…I think any of those scenarios can be used just fine. I’m really looking forward to how this show turns out…it could be fun.

4 thoughts on “Code:Breaker First Impressions”

  1. physics power isn’t exactly right about ogami the other code:breaker use power like magnetism,sound and the like this one use flame from hell(yes it is from the underworld and yes it does sound weird)and his blue flame is incapable of being put out by anything and his power even extent to having a flame capable of burning sound and other power without harming the user….


    1. I use “psychic power” to describe any supernatural power triggered by one’s mind. So magical power would be anything that requires an incantation and technological power would be anything that runs on electricity.


    2. ah i see well that cleared thing up…completely unrelated to the topic but what power would you like to have?back to the anime sakura may not be completely useless but you got to admit the fact she doesn’t want to kill someone and pretty much a pacifist and doesn’t learn attacking martial art like aikido pretty much make her a load rather than a help…though the series have some rather different than the manga in the manga the artwork seem better not to mention the school and the place is different too the fight is different too in the manga ogami rei burn the people one by one showing the effect of the blue flame further in here he just burn them all in an instant…


      1. I think lightning/magnetism would be the most telekinetic power, but I would prefer a form of telepathy instead.

        Sakura’s a main character, so she has to be a pacifist!


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