Accel World OVA 1

Well, a nice little episode, I suppose. However, it seems to be missing a lot of information as usual. Mostly surrounding this idea of the Assault Linker and Accel Assault. Based on naming and style of the game, it seems to be some sort of precursor to Brain Burst. But if so, why isn’t Kuroyukihime curious? Wouldn’t she want to get to the core of this game? I suppose she could have been locked out when the last Assault Linker was defeated, but I feel like there would normally be some sort of reaction.

The other possibility, of course, is that it’s just some unrelated game. That possibility would have to explain why time stopped, but it gets past all of the other stuff I said before. And since Brain Burst creates avatars based on inner thoughts of the user, it would make sense that the avatar’s characteristics would translate into another thought-based creation system.

And let’s not even get into the fact that Chiyu should not have been able to fly as freely as she did (even with a rocket in the form of Taku). Anyways, more trolling with Kuroyukihime’s name and random antics…I think there is supposed to be two of these OVAs, so maybe they build on the Accel Assault thing? Probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.

2 thoughts on “Accel World OVA 1”

  1. kurohime is badass just knew about the system and fight like an experience fighter…though her hair color seem to change at times…and in here we see what would happen if instead of haru kurohime have the wing she would dominte accel world just imagine her with chrome disaster…


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