Tari Tari Final Episode

Looks like they went with the slightly more realistic ending after all. No magical scenes where the kids are able to convince the chairman to change his mind…they just get their last White Festival and then the school is still shut down for construction. Not bad on the principal’s part…although he did kinda devolve into pathetic begging at the end. Better than nothing, right? As for the festival itself, it’s the sort of touchy-feely thing you’d expect…what else can I really say about it?

Everyone goes on with their futures…although did they ever say what Wein was going to do? Yeah, he met with Jan, but…what about his plans after that? Konatsu found her club at school, Tanaka got his scholarship, Sawa went overseas to become a jockey, and Wakana plans to study music (and probably become a teacher like the vice principal)…and Wein…becomes a superhero? Oh well…I guess this show was pretty entertaining…on to the next one!

6 thoughts on “Tari Tari Final Episode”

  1. Wein will become a superhero and in 10-15 years the whole superheroes team will reassemble again with the same costumes of the first time in their starting city…;D


      1. Nothing to respond to really! 😀

        Seriously talking it was an entertaining experience and I really loved the characters of this story. Hopefully the next P.A. Works production (titled RDG Red Data Girl) will be just as good!


  2. and probably become a teacher like the vice principal

    I doubt it. It would be pointless to make the whole series about Wakana following her mother’s footsteps only to end up like her mother’s friend instead. It would ironic, but Tari Tari doesn’t do irony. I mean, if even Sawa got to keep her dream, the more reason Wakana, the main character, would get to achieve hers.

    Wakana most likely become a composer and surpassed her mother. That would be more like Tari Tari’s style imo.


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