Accel World Final Episode

Sigh…I spent so much time telling myself that Chiyu couldn’t possibly be an Orihime clone…oh how wrong I was. Oh well, I see why it had to be that way…it’s not like it worked negatively in any way. I’m always wary of these sorts of time-related explanations, though, because they give rise to possible inconsistencies. Although Chiyu’s power isn’t exactly balefire from Wheel of Time, so there aren’t any huge ones to note (for reference, balefire removed its target from existence).

Still, I can understand if her power was to revert the target back in time (which would have gotten rid of the wings, but not given them back to Haru) because then you could say that she can’t affect the consequences of what she reverses (for example, she wouldn’t be able to bring an avatar back to Accel World that was destroyed by the wing power). Unless that’s what they were going for…

But yeah…it’s over. Haru got his moment this week…laser swording all over the place. We got teased with the little bit from Sky Raker about Kuroyukihime’s real name. I’ll be very upset if it’s just some nickname she gave her that has nothing to do with the real name. That’s just messed up.

As for the bit about Noumi losing his memory, I just kinda assumed that’s what happened…I didn’t realize that they had never explicitly told us that. I figured something as ingrained as the Neuro Linker should easily be able to erase memories despite the surprise of everyone else in the show…seriously, though? With Physical Burst, how is that a stretch? Anyway, waiting for season 2…gogo

10 thoughts on “Accel World Final Episode”

  1. Fuuko and Kuroyukihime are reunited, now we need to get the last member (Aqua Current) and we should be ready to kick some other king ass.
    Of course, in the second season…:D


        1. I dunno…Blood Leopard didn’t get much screen time for someone who was in the OP from the beginning (guess it’s sorta the same with Aqua Current)


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