Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Final Episode

No alternate dimensions for us…it’s a pity. There could have been speculation that the entire series was just a dream made up by that first fairy. Everything would have been a lie. But nope…just general heartwarming and growing up stuff…making friends and whatnot. Ending a show at the beginning of the story…chronology is overrated?

Anyone else wonder why the library in that school had so much BL material for Y? She had stacks and stacks of books in her secret room…what kind of school was this? But my random musings aside, pretty interesting experience this show was. Everything was super quirky and pretty amusing. A lot of things may have been a bit confusing (still don’t understand the fairies…especially why they haven’t gone extinct yet). Oh well, it’s been fun.

2 thoughts on “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Final Episode”

  1. This wasn’t the beginning of the series. The flashback was a memory that helped flesh out Watashi’s character. The real time sequence for this arc is is the beginning of episode 11 and the end of episode 12, with Y arriving and not having seen Watashi for a long while since they both graduated from school. Watashi has been a mediator for a while and Y has not, and Y becomes a mediator some time between episode 12 and episode 3.


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