Song of the Week 16: Toki Wo Kizamu Uta

So, both links are for the same song, but this time with a twist. First off, the song itself…I’ve always like this song and it has the distinctive honor of being the first opening that I’ve listened to for every single episode that I watched. Anyway, because the song is fairly old and most of you probably know all about it, I’ve switched things up a bit.

For starters, we have a saxophone cover that I randomly found because my brother plays the saxophone. Am I the only one that loves listening to other instruments covering my favorite songs? It adds a whole new dynamic to the song…it’s always refreshing.

And secondly, this video is the entire song recreated with ASCII text. Call me a nerd all you want…this looks awesome.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Week 16: Toki Wo Kizamu Uta”

  1. Ahhh…my favorite anime OP<3 How did you know? That song sounds great on the sax and all other instruments if I do say so myself. And yes that text OP is awesome. How nerdy of you πŸ˜›


    1. I guess I can just read people πŸ˜›

      I went for sax cover because there are plenty of piano covers…felt this was more fun. And yeah, I’m a nerd…and I’m cool with this


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