Rinne no Lagrange Episode 23

Not exactly the most entertaining way for the final battle to go, but I suppose you could call it a more standard approach. I’m fairly disappointed about Moid…he just got a bit of a crazy monologue and then he’s put down. I’m also a bit miffed that Dizelmine will probably be forgiven…I don’t care how crazy Moid gets you. I still think he went way past the crazy threshold. Oh well…I guess this show isn’t so serious to have him become completely irredeemable.

Battle lunch breaks: the new standard procedure
So is there more to the fight? The preview suggests that next week is just epilogue…the first season’s ending suggests so as well (the episode before the last seemed unresolved, but they just skipped past the ending of the conflict and flashed back to it in the last episode if you remember). What a pity…they could have used that Yurikano scene. But I guess it will just be another parting of ways for the three girls. We’ll see how everyone’s got their happy endings and whatnot. The girls will re-make their promise never to fight again and likely keep it this time (unless…season 3?).

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