Hyouka Final Episode

And thus ends the story of how Houtarou developed feelings. No confession quite yet…he had to stop himself. But he knows how he feels, so it will come eventually. It also seemed to suggest that Mayaka and Satoshi stuff worked out too because she knew what happened in Houtarou’s argument with him. You figure Satoshi would have tried to hide it if he rejected her. See? I don’t have to be such a downer.

Scatter Senbonzakura! Yeah, I said it! I made that reference!
With the show over, I’d say I don’t have any huge problems with it (it gets major points for Houtarou being one of my favorite characters of all time). Yes, we can probably all agree that the mysteries weren’t that great…they don’t have the thrill that most detective shows rely on. But I would argue that problem-solving doesn’t have be so flashy…the answer doesn’t have to be spectacular. All that matters is that it’s right, you know? Wonder what happens now…there’s definitely enough of a resolution for this show to be done and done. But who knows?

8 thoughts on “Hyouka Final Episode”

          1. Well Saki got a spinoff being adapted and as soon as the manga will have enough material another season as well.
            it’s a bit different as situation because the first season of Saki used pretty much all the content of the manga (even some unpublished chapters)…:|


  1. it would have been great his Houtarou confessed :3

    I personally think that this series was more about the characters than the mysteries which is why they were mostly pretty simple. so I’m not really complaining about that.

    ~and I gotta have Houtarou added as one of my fave characters of all time as well 😀


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