Kokoro Connect Episode 11

And for the next trick, turning everyone into kids…but with the added twist that it’s caused by a “new” Heartseed. Considering this new Heartseed approaches Taichi, telling him to tell no one else of his existence, coupled with the fact that Taichi is the only one unaffected…not hard to draw the conclusion. Of course, this brings up a lot of questions.

What is the original Heartseed doing while all of this is happening? Will he intervene or aid this new Heartseed? I still stick to my theory that Heartseed only pushes for mental changes. Of course, the working theory based on what the other Heartseed said is that the two are part of some ephemeral entity called Heartseed and they represent different aspects of it…of course, they could simply be two different beings trying to be fancy with their descriptions too.

When everyone regresses, they make a point of asking if they can recognize the people who aren’t affected. I can’t remember if these characters knew each other before joining the club…if they didn’t, then how do the kid forms know each other? And why is Aoki the only one who didn’t immediately recognize Yui? The obvious answer is that they just knew each other since childhood, but they shouldn’t be able to recognize them in their older forms. You would expect something like “you look like Taichi’s older brother” or something.

Sigh…the episode seemed to suggest that the arc would be Yui-focused…then it suggested that it would be Aoki-focused…maybe it’s just both. There was that bit with Iori too, though…and the new ending isn’t any help. Maybe it’s just all of them. I wonder what the phenomenon hopes to accomplish…is it just to get them into their younger mindsets just to make them remember what they’ve lost/gained as they’ve grown? I look forward to seeing the potential god-type character vs. god-type character battle in the future.

8 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect Episode 11”

      1. On your point, I think its a story arc more about accepting their own past. I think that Iori was wrong to think “I want to change my past”. I know, everyone does sometimes, but in the end we need to accept our past as part of what we are.


  1. They were pretty vague about it.

    But I think when they get reverted back to a child, say age X. Their memory of events after X were blurred, leaving only imprints of who and what. I remember reading somewhere that the brain stores these in separate category. So it’s likely that the trick reverts the part that stores event information.

    Now as to why Aoki confused Yui with Nana, I’m guessing it’s cause they were both “the girl he likes the most at the time”. Nana was that girl at age X while Yui was the one at the present. Since the present Aoki wasn’t sure what this feeling was and was missing parts of his memory when he got reverted to X, he confused the two.


    1. so…something like the amnesiac being able to say “I feel like I know you”? that what you’re saying? I could buy that…


    2. Yea, something like that. I mean we see that in fiction a lot. “I know perfectly well who you are, but how exactly did I know you again?” sort of stuff. *shrug* Retaining identification but missing all the pieces of knowledge. Sounds weird but the human brain is weird to begin with anyway.


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