Accel World Episode 23

Taku is kinda awesome, isn’t he? He gets his cool moment this week…that battle with Dusk Taker was better than anything else I’ve seen so far (that I can remember). Too bad he doesn’t get to finish him off with his cool new incarnate sword. I guess that’s reserved for Haru. Speaking of Haru, he had this incredibly intense moment where he refuses to accept defeat and breaks free of the restraints! …and then falls over. Seriously, why is this guy the main character? Couldn’t even entertain me with some indication of Chrome Disaster…no hope of that happening this season, I guess.

I really thought they’d try to end the Noumi stuff without Kuroyukihime, but I guess she’s shown up. She’s also used her reins, which doesn’t bode well. The fact that they’ve been used signifies to me a lower probability of a second season…since there are few things left unresolved. Well, I mean there’s still the whole “getting to level 10 thing”, but that could just mean a severely delayed second season. Basically, there’s no cliffhanger so there’s no rush. That’s all I’m saying. Anyway, the season finishes up next week…Noumi gets defeated and everyone goes on with their lives.


9 thoughts on “Accel World Episode 23”

  1. a swordfight can’t say much about it but hell taku seem good never practice with a sword so really don’t know how to judge the fight properly prefer if kurohime the main protagonist though after all who is it that save taku at the end of the day …


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