Rinne no Lagrange Episode 22

Oh yeah…Dizelmine is totally evil. But I have trouble grasping his character. Don’t tell me the only reason he’s doing everything is because of Villagiulio betraying him years ago. That seems so…petty. Hardly a reason to try and conquer the universe. I also like how they made a big deal about Villagiulio’s Ovid and it wasn’t even useful…they also made a big deal about Dizelmine’s Vox, but it still looks rather ridiculous. I swear…I’ll never get used to these clunky mecha designs.

I wonder how an Ovid gets classified as a Vox. Is it the Core that they mentioned? Is Dizelmine using the Core from Yurikano to power his machine? That makes the most sense. If so, what benefits does it give him? Vox particles amplify his abilities? I just don’t understand how…at least the solar reactors in the Gundams allowed them to use beam weapons. It was all so clear. I guess this show de-emphasizes the specs of a machine…

So next week, the huge battle starts up in the Rinne. Two episodes to wrap up the fight or will there be a final epilogue episode? The more interesting question: will Moid and/or Asteria be joining the battle? Moid seems to me to be a little Ribbons Almark-ish, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined in after Dizelmine falls.

10 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Episode 22”

  1. “It’s begun, Innovators…the future for mankind..”

    Are you implying that Moid is actually using a powerful computer on the moon to predict every move made by our heroines?! That sound scary…:|


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