Hyouka Episode 21

I always feel like Satoshi’s character is trying to tell me something. It’s no secret that I’m a pretty competitive guy and it could be said that it reaches the point of obsession. I would say I’m pretty content with how I approach things, but who knows? Maybe I’m destined to become like him. I try to comfort myself by thinking about how I’m already someone who doesn’t obsess much about anything, yet still maintains a desire to win, whereas Satoshi gives up one for the other.

Not really much of a mystery this week…it was pretty obvious that Satoshi stole the chocolate. I caught on when the poster guy said that only three people had passed by…he never mentioned how many times it had happened. By the looks of it, only one episode remains. Based on what happened this week, I actually wonder if romance will be in the air next week. It looked like Satoshi and Mayaka finally hit it off, so maybe Houtarou and Eru need to finish it all up.

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