Kokoro Connect Episode 10

And our second arc is over. But the battle between Iori and Inaba has begun…who will win (probably Iori…just saying)? Some minor trolling from Heartseed this time…not quite as extravagant as jumping off a bridge. Seriously…how’s he gonna top that? I expect more from the god character. Anyway, lots of dramatic speeches and friendship…that stuff.

So now we progress into the next arc. Wonder what the next mind game will be. No preview this week to give any hints. I will say this, though. I wonder just how much these arcs are supposed to be specific to a single character (you know, with Iori as the first and Inaba as the second). If so, it just seems a bit awkward to me…especially with Yui whose problems they’ve already visited twice now. I suppose Taichi and Aoki are still pretty open to be exploited…guess we’ll have to see.

5 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect Episode 10”

    1. I’m telling you…just regress their minds to an earlier state. Everything so far has been mental, right? Altering the soul, as it were?


      1. Mhn…I don’t see the point of limiting ourself to “mental” changes. Heartseed was able to heal Iori with ease so sending them back in time or making them into loli should be an easy proposal…right? 😐


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