Sword Art Online Episode 10

And early romance strikes again! They’re already getting married…crazy kids. At least I don’t mind this pairing (looking at you, Haru). I like how they don’t care about that other guy dying. I suppose it was his fault for trusting Kuradeel…that’s just foolish.

Taking a short look at Heathcliff. I wonder if these powers are meant to manifest in particular people based on stats or something. You know, that traditional style where Kirito’s skill is the embodiment of offense (dual blades) and Heathcliff’s skill is the embodiment of defense (it’s a shield…). That would mean that Asuna would likely get a speed-related skill and maybe Klein, Lizbeth, and Silica get their own stuff too. Then they join together as the chosen ones and beat the final boss! Something like that.

So now Asuna and Kirito are gonna run away together. Wonder what comes next. I mean, of course they’re not going to be able to live peacefully forever (they’re frontliners after all), but they could go immediately into them or they could explore a different character’s story (like Klein). As usual, the title for next week isn’t all that helpful.

What would be have been interesting is if the orange cursor for Asuna (for attacking Kuradeel) and the red cursor for Kirito (for killing him) were have a role in the next bits of the show, but I assume they’re getting away partly to wait for those effects to wear off, so I doubt anything will happen.

11 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 10”

  1. You don’t get an orange cursor for attacking a player with an orange cursor. That’s the whole point of the system. It marks aggressors to let people know who’s dangerous or take revenge, but allows self-defense without penalty. Both Kirito and Asuna are still green.


  2. not sure dual blade is a sign of offense it is more like agility and speed using a dual but thin and not heavy blade allow you to move rather easily and not to mention attack easily parrying and faster attacking but not strong as he couldn’t destroy heathcliff defense compare to shield it isn’t as good as it suppose to be the heathcliff most important defense the one that let him win is the changing of force of the attack he doesn’t fully stop the attack with his shield rather changing the direction and making the enemy fall as an after effect heathcliff fight focus on shield the most without it he would be defeated easily even by asuna considering he is used to counter attack rather than using sword to attack first though doesn’t change the fact he is good his reflex is enough for him to win by changing kirito slash direction and do a counter attack…


    1. I’d definitely say it’s more offense than speed…because you’re adding a full other sword to strike with…that seems like more damage to me. I feel like if it were speed, he’d be better at dodging, and he says it himself that he takes a lot of hits when he uses it.


      1. well he doesn’t exactly become faster really it is more like he attack better due to using a dual blade he become harder to be counter attack thanks to his continuous attack and he can parry and move better without thinking much about defense due to his parrying skill and attacking at the same time so basically his stat remain his attack doesn’t suddenly increase due to using his dual blade he just attack faster so basically it is just how you see it it can be classified as offense due to his damage increase thanks to using two blade or it can be classified as speed thanks to him moving a lot easier due to no worry about defending as he can do it easily with two blade…


          1. the next episode will be the final side story about a girl called yui which will be big part of the plot but also kirito and asuna honeymoon after their marrige and you better prepere to hear mama and papa nick names both of them in this side story


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