Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 10

And the role reversal phase has begun. Finally Hazuki is able to influence the physical world (even if it’s only through Atsushi). And with great timing too because Rokka’s actually quite sharp in catching that Hazuki has been forced out. She’s not just going to forget about him and let Atsushi take over quietly. Well played. Atsushi’s comment about Hazuki still being able to cry brings up an interesting question.

I wonder if Atsushi could be labeled as a corrupted spirit of some sort. The fact that Hazuki was still alive meant that his ability to cry was still intact. Does that mean that Atsushi’s emotions could possibly be damaged in some way? Or at the least, hindered in some way such that they’re not who he actually is? Because if not, then I really hate this guy. Next week is the last episode maybe? Wonder how it will end up panning out. I mean, there are the things that have to happen (like Hazuki returning to his body), but not everything is so straightforward (like Atsushi’s final fate).

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