Hyouka Episode 20

So…what show was I watching? Eru wants to show off and was worried about how it would look for her and Houtarou to be alone in a shed? Since when was she like that? Anyway, crazy kids locked in a storage shed. I was almost expecting the “we need to stay close to conserve body heat” thing, but I guess Houtarou’s too embarrassed for that (and taking an obi off, it seems). Not really much else to say about this episode…there wasn’t even a mystery. Just a bit of character development if you could call it that.

I don’t know why, but Eru’s face is hilarious.
Next week, we have homemade chocolates…wonder what that could mean. I’m still curious about how they will end everything. It looks like it won’t be anything crazy…just another mystery to finish it all up. But of course, they could always add something crazy at the end. You know…”the mystery was actually linked to this major plot point!” My bet is on Houtarou’s sister…but I know everyone wants the uncle to make his appearance. Or it could be neither and they’re just trying to lead us to believe that something will happen. Season two?

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