Accel World Episode 21

Welcome back, Yuniko. But then again, the episode was more focused on Taku than her. Niko brings up this idea of the four types of incarnation, though…assuming Taku and Haru each master two types, who wants to bet they master complementary pairs of incarnation, covering all four?

Meanwhile, Haru has met the last member of his hare- err…the last member of the main cast, Blood Leopard. I guess she’s supposed to be the more emotionless type…kinda reminds me of Kuroyukihime a bit (before she becomes infatuated in Haru).

It’s weird…Niko calls Haru a noob at incarnation, but then he leaves Taku and her, rather than trying to train more. I guess he’s waiting for Taku to catch up before trying to learn more? I would have expected him to try and learn his own thing separately while Taku’s being introduced. Either way, he’s got his own stuff to deal with.

I wonder if he’s supposed to get closer to this “society” of hacking Burst Linkers that Noumi seems to be part of…at least, that’s what I assume it is. Looks like we’ll find out more about it next week…also probably find out about why Chiyu betrayed everyone. I get the feeling I’m not gonna like the reason, but whatever…we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Accel World Episode 21”

  1. Yep, the idea of the incarnation being strictly limited is good, because they made it look like God’s power till some episodes ago. Hopefully they’ll clear out more doubts on the accel world system too…


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