Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 8

What the heck? The assistant spoke! This is complete madness! I mean, the wilder form of him was pretty crazy (edit: my mistake…this was actually the grandfather…thanks to Vance for pointing it out!), but the idea that the assistant we’ve known up to now spoke as well is pretty nuts. I didn’t expect him to ever speak. But that aside, this episode was a bit weird, I guess. I hope I understood everything correctly.

Basically, we have this idea that the assistant imprinted his identity based on how people described him, so he was going to the forest to find out how Watashi wanted him to be or something. I wonder where that first personality came from, though…the grandfather’s descriptions? Oh well…time travel is always fun.

8 thoughts on “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 8”

  1. The red shirt guy was grandpa, not the Assistant. The ??? was meant to show that Watashi was not in the proper time period, and she also did not recognize the town. Red shirt guy also looked nothing like the Assistant and had the same eye color as grandpa. He also stated that he was “given” the sundial, but he really took it from Watashi.


  2. amazing the fairy manage to create a banana that can send you back in time amazing…and the assistant talk madness pure insanity…so i guess the grandfather actually harass his own granddaughter hmm i guess she repeat the same thing a 100 time so even if she know she will fall she still eat the banana for some reason and the heroine sure is nice usually if i want to try that (not saying i ever try that)i would probably be in a police station…so let see she eat a prototype banana entering a loop where the outcome will be the same everytime for 100 time till one loop by accident sent her too far meeting the grandfather than come back to normal time where she repeat the loop for 100 time than get out of the loop while having memory of the previous version…what happen if you kill yourself then would the rest of the clone died?


    1. that’s why I don’t really like having time travel be like that…in my model, killing one of them wouldn’t affect any of the others…sigh


      1. why wouldn’t it effect the rest?as much as broken the idea is if you kill the past you not sure how you would exist?if you kill the first one than the 99 would without a doubt die since the time loop never exist if the first one died…


          1. even with that said this one time travel is everyone basically the same person so if you kill the first one the rest of them would die since the time loop never happened pretty linear considering this is basically the same thing happen with slight variation here and there…


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