Tari Tari Episode 8

And so resolves Sawa’s story arc…I suppose. For the most part, it went how you would expect it to go…she keeps her dream and whatnot. Wakana is a strange character, I would say…I can’t quite pinpoint why, but I really like the role she takes in the group. She’s just kinda always watching over everyone…and after what she went through with her mother, she can take anything, especially for her friends. Also, in the background, we finally have a destination for the story with the choir club’s audition this week…yay.

We got a little bit more information on Wein this week when everyone went over to his house. His statement about the one ranger being on a mission and the letters that we’ve seen him write suggests that he has a close friend or relative that is likely hospitalized (or just far away…but hospitalized would suit the drama). I wonder if he’s next on the list…the preview seems to suggest it would be him…especially with the episode title and the scene where he’s looking kinda depressed.

8 thoughts on “Tari Tari Episode 8”

      1. Not sure what you’re talking about, Wakana is the most mature within the three girls and the only one with a similar personality is the badminton guy…:P


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