Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 7

Time loop has engaged. Time travel is always interesting (I wrote a whole post on it, after all). The perception of time in this show are fairly consistent with my own theory. Basically, the fairies created their own time/space zone and are transporting Watashis from different timelines to it. You could think of it as the “original” Watashi is being transported into the other Watashis’ timelines to live out their stuff for them while they’re being collected. Of course, this doesn’t explain why they all have the same memories, though.

But theories aside, it looks like this show is actually moving backwards in time since Watashi hasn’t met the assistant yet. I wonder how long they’ll keep showing the past rather than advancing further. Oh well…time travel is always fun…it’s possible they’ve been ordering the episodes like this on purpose so they can make references to the previous episodes in this time travel arc. We’ll have to see.

16 thoughts on “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 7”

  1. The reason behind going backwards in time could be method behind the madness. After all, wouldn’t it be interesting to learn how humanity declined? We’ve gotten a few hints here and there, but nothing definite and it’d be nice to get that quick glimpse as to how humans have de-evolved from urban areas to a more rural existence.


    1. yeah, but it seems this arc occurs before the rest of the story, so we can probably assume they dont learn anything useful


  2. 1 is already interesting but there are 3 what happen the fairies sure are mischievous…though to be able to do something like that is something else…to create space-time out of nothing i guess wonder if they could manipulate causality and probability though…if they could then they are basically omnipotent…

    time travel is kind of hard isn’t it if we could perceive thing in 4 dimension it wouldn’t be hard but we couldn’t though not sure what would happen if human can would be chaos considering humanity greed and personality…


    1. yeah…they kinda over-sell the fairies…it’s a bit annoying

      im sure it wouldn’t be that bad…just give the time travel capability to me…then we’re fine


      1. hmm fairies who defied the law of physics over-sell yeah but to alter the luck of someone is already hard if you think about it it basically tell you they could alter someone probability of dying…hmm i remember seeing that the more fairies you met increase your luck like that…

        hmm share it with me i want to see dinosaur and the dark ages and probably take a trip to the holy roman empire while it is in glory while at it meet alexander the great…


          1. the show is random and the plot is broken….the fairies technology is so advance that they create a sentient being or bread if you will it….either way they are like god in here they just need to transcend logic itself to become a real one…realistic is impossible if you watched the first episode…

            he intend to backstab me…what cruel man you are marthaurion


          2. hmm just watch episode 6 while not exactly the right place to comment this one but did you realise that the diver suit resemble bioshock 2 protagonist?and the fairy have yet an incredible feat cloning magically clearly this show they could wipe out humanity if we ever go to war with them…then again it also show humanity ability to create a sentient being who is capable of showing emotion…

            hmm maybe i should start thinking about my curse after you backstab and betray me or maybe i should start my elaborate plan…


          3. hmm alright finally catch up and watch the the episode to create a timeloop and ignoring temporal paradox the fairies sure is amazing….
            it also mean they are so strong they got defeated by headless chicken…though considering this the fairy probably have advance technology rather than magic….

            as i pull out my gun i have kept with me,marthaurion pull out a bow out of nowhere as i tried to dodge the bow alter the probability of it missing breaking the space and time then strike me with it carry a powerful curse that make me numb and then kill me
            as i died i curse marhaurion”one day your body shall burn your eyes shall be gouge out and you tounge shall be cut you shall die as blade made a thousand cut in your body you will be ripped apart again and again for all eternity”…


          4. just be ready with that emp, right?

            and then I realize that your words can’t possibly affect my body, so I walk away and eat a sandwich…that breaks when I drop it


          5. hmm wonder if they could alter casuality and probability why are they weak to emp anyway?

            then after you eat the sandwich you fall and enter a timeloop and like fate zero ed your body weaken and then finally the curse become real…


          6. hmm maybe i should change the curse into something like you have to eat ice cream every day or possibly alter the ending where i pull out ea and kill you…

            back to the topic even if you pull out another you from another timeline why would you share the same knowledge shouldn’t the series of event different how could they all know the same thing?


          7. yeah…if we were using my concept of time travel, the others shouldn’t share memories, so it’s some other perception…


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