Accel World Episode 18

Megumi is evil! That must have been her standing by that pillar in the building where Kuroyukihime and the kids went (I even went back painstakingly to confirm the match)…so suspicious. Of course the kids made it sound like their problem extends before the class trip, so it’s unlikely she’s their “monster”, but she’s still up to something. How could she? I actually felt a little sorry for her when Kuroyukihime forgot to get her a gift! Is she just pretending not to know about Accel World? There’s a girl who looks suspiciously like her in the opening now that I think about it (I can’t tell if they’re the same, though).

It looks like Kuroyukihime is reuniting with an old…acquaintance? I guess my first natural reaction to this “monster” the kids were referencing was that it had to be Chrome Disaster or something similar, but that shouldn’t be possible. Plus, it looked like a fairly normal Burst Linker riding on top of it. I can’t imagine it should be too much trouble for Kuroyukihime…how strong could it be? Why is it a problem?

Guess we’re gonna have to keep holding off on finding out about Chiyu because this arc is going on next week. While it’s kinda nice to see more of Kuroyukihime away from her mysterious aura around Haru, it’s kind of a jerk move to leave us dangling on that cliff.

18 thoughts on “Accel World Episode 18”

  1. Judging from the preview we clearly see Kuroyukihime and multiple other player trying to kill that beast off. Must be tough enough for Kuroyukihime to need help…:|


  2. kurohime is good at fighting even while holding back that or the opponent is terrible at it….hmm want to see kurohime fight against another king though…wouldn’t mind seeing more of kurohime special move all of them seem to be instant kill by the name…

    and the new character is amazing the one with the ponytail i mean…the drunkard seem to know kurohime doubt he is in her legion though considering the color…

    we got to see the other side of her which is nice considering i start reading the manga and watching it thanks to her….and apparently moaning is a necessary when you direct link…


    1. hah…I’m sure we all would enjoy seeing what moves a king has.

      you never know…sky raker and aqua current werent black…neither is Taku, Chiyu, or Haru…it’s always possible he was a previous legion member


      1. fair enough but if he say it is impossible for the blue king vanquish and world end(?) but possible for kurohime make you wonder how strong is she she fend of 6 king by herself….or is world end kurohime?

        want to see a combat between king though by that i mean something that i can see unlike yellow radio vs black lotus in which both is so fast they became light…

        and the second picture is nice would prefer a video but a picture is nice too….


        1. she’s probably considered one of the strongest kings if not the strongest…she’s the only one that’s killed a king after all

          I’m sure there’s more king fights in our future…Haru has to get level 10, right?

          hah…videos…so much work


          1. ignoring the fact that she took red rider by surprise considering the red king wasn’t aware that she would use death by beheading to him….what came after that is what amaze me chrome disaster have trouble fighting against few king at the same time but kurohime albeit probably have trouble too manage to survive though she didn’t manage to kill anybody else…

            no… i don’t want haru to be level 10 fact i don’t want him in the story really. but yeah if you think of it like that yeah…i prefer to see kurohime against other king than haru….

            which legion aqua current is anyway ?

            well feal put video of the wrong part i want to them when they are direct linking …. but kurohime on the beach is not a bad scene itself ….hmm picture isn’t bad though


          2. it is better to have a cute manipulative girl then a protagonist which make the show seem like a soap opera instead of it being accel world full of fighting and other stuff…or at least change it with someone like sky raker who dedicated on flying instead of escaping from bullying only for it to happen again….

            yes…yes it is…


          3. yes it is wishful thinking that is why episode like this is nice we can see more the pov of a good character then somebody like haru….


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