Song of the Week 10: Senbonzakura

Sure hope this is the right song. Theoretically, this is Kakichoco’s version of Senbonzakura (the original is a vocaloid song by Hatsune Miku). Sorry to say, but I like this song a whole lot more than the original because…well, I just don’t like how vocaloids sound. That being said, there are plenty of covers of this song out there and I have to say Kakichoco does the best job. As for the music itself, I actually thought it was a Touhou song at first because of the style.

But yeah…randomly found this version from a Katanagatari MAD and I think it’s pretty cool, so now it’s the song of the week. Woohoo?

4 thoughts on “Song of the Week 10: Senbonzakura”

  1. I listened to both versions and I have to agree that the “normal” one is far better. Nothing to detract to vocaloids, but they aren’t my thing…:D


    1. They’re a fad, man…I have no idea why. I’ve talked to the people who like them and can’t extract a reason for their tastes.


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