Rinne no Lagrange Episode 17

Well, they explained things faster than I expected. So I guess Yurikano’s soul was indeed trapped in the Rinne to prevent Dizelmine and Villagiulio from reaching it. And it looks like Madoka’s attempt to pull her out half-failed and half-succeeded because they’ve swapped places. I wonder how long this will last…also, who is the one piloting Vox Aura? It just took off, so will Yurikano be the one in control or will it still be Madoka? I assume it would be Yurikano, but you never know.

So does this mean that the Rinne is “open” again with Yurikano out in the world? What does that even mean? Because it seemed like Madoka was doing a pretty good job of opening the door before…so what would be different now? Is it possible for Lan and Muginami to activate the Rinne power now?

I suppose next week will have some more info about all this. Answer my questions and whatnot.  Naturally, I would assume the swap is temporary, but it’s interesting to think about the control and the stuff about the Rinne door. Maybe the three brothers will finally get to contribute next week too.

10 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Episode 17”

      1. The preview looked more “joke” side just as usual, but Dizelmine clearly said that “Madoka was going to reside in the hollow body”. Maybe his prediction didn’t prove true?! 😐


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