Accel World Episode 16

Remember, Haru…there is no spoon. You’ve had the ability to fly this whole time…you just need to believe. Sound about right? Well, I suppose it would have been depressing if it had taken too long for Haru to figure out this incarnation business…still, the training itself isn’t anything surprising. Why else would they have such a ridiculously tall tower? As for Sky Raker herself, I’m not sure if I see her returning as a permanent member of the cast…maybe she just shows up in the final battle to lend a hand…you know.

I will say this, though. This episode does point out something interesting about games. As we move closer and closer to creating games that can emulate reality, it’s very possible to lose sight of the fact that it’s all a program. Haru instinctively thought of the Accelerated World as having the same limitations as reality, but actually, the “reality” it shows is only an interface created for the user. So when the robot overmind takes over in the future, try to break the wall…okay?

Well, hopefully we see the results of this week’s training next week. The preview shows Haru, Taku, and Chiyu in a battle against Noumi for some reason. It also shows Kuroyukihime sending Haru something from her trip, but let’s not go into that.

15 thoughts on “Accel World Episode 16”

  1. noumi flying ability shouldn’t be hard to defeat now that haru has hand that can pierce wall easily that and noumi don’t have haru reflex and speed…

    though super jumping is not as good as flying in my opinion it can be better in fighting than wings dodging should be easier and you could propel yourself toward the enemy at high speed…

    and haru will shouldn’t be that strong i mean he almost uninstall burst brain thanks to noumi…


      1. unless your flying at high speed or have long range weapon you can defeat winged opponent easily in my opinion…

        and haru speed with the power up should be enough to hit dusk taker.


          1. taku hmm taku have a long range attack and good at close quarter but he probably isn’t as good in dodging and he is slow against someone like taku noumi would abuse the wing and use a hit and run tactic…


          2. in real life taku would lose unless he is using physical full burst if he did noumi wouldn’t stand a chance as taku manage to fight noumi for a while while he is using physical full burst.

            in accel world noumi would probably cheat against taku or using surprise attack…


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