Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 4

Hmm…why bother with the ratings and all the art that comes with going to the next panel? Just pick a panel and chill there forever with your endless supply of food and such. Of course, it’s useless to someone like me with absolutely no artistic sense, but hey…beats living in a declined human society.

Then again…are we entirely certain that this whole episode wasn’t just a dream? I guess Watashi (or whatever her name is) knows the fairies better than I do…I’ve got no idea whether this sort of thing fits their style. Meh…this show’s amusing, but there’s not really much I can say about it. I could go on and on about the symbolism, but avoid that is sorta the reason I was a science major.

10 thoughts on “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Episode 4”

  1. wow endless supply of food never thought of that. though if you can’t draw kind of defeat the purpose of staying there isn’t it?


    1. well even poorly drawn food should still taste right, wouldnt it? It would just look weird. You can’t judge food by how it looks, right?


      1. well your right though but what if it wont come true if you don’t draw it well?

        though it’s good that the main character doesn’t have the same personalities as us if they have, the episode will be filled with the character just playing eating and sleeping…


        1. yeah, but then what qualifies as good enough to come true? Nah…that’s too subjective

          I’d watch that………well, I dunno if I’d watch that


          1. if we were the main character of an anime we would be the worst protagonist ever….

            as for the anime it is random as hell the plot is hard to describe…


          2. no way, man…we would be awesome because we’d do everything right!!!

            a lot of people point out the symbolism in the show to human society…personally, im not an english major, so I really hate looking for those things


          3. forgot you science major but well the anime is basically shouting dont treat it too serious it’s just for laugh thus chances are it is just coincidence


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