Tari Tari Episode 4

Wait…what? The music festival is already here? Sigh…they tricked me again. I won’t be fooled next time! Next event is not the final event…that’s what I’ll assume. But that aside, apparently Spanish dude can speak Japanese, which he apparently didn’t realize is the right thing to do when running into someone Japanese. And as expected, he’s an old friend of Wakana’s mother…he seems out of place in that band, though. The other two look a lot older than him.

Although the band was trying to encourage Wakana to return to music, the preview (getting rid of the piano) and the final scene on the beach almost make it look like the letter they gave her had the opposite effect. I wonder what went wrong…that is, of course, unless I’m just wrong and she’s getting rid of the piano to move on or something. I sure hope Wakana joining the choir and sometimes badminton club isn’t the last thing that happens in the show…that would be depressing. Am I just deluding myself searching for a big event to finish everything?

7 thoughts on “Tari Tari Episode 4”

  1. That Sawa screenshot is awesome! 😀

    Seriously talking, I do expect Wakana recovering her love for music being the last thing to happen in the show. Does that sound bad? 😛


  2. Little dancing Konatsu was the cutest thing ever but what I found the funniest was how casual they all were about vocal practice and Wein just “yodelling” for lack of better words.

    The drama was pretty thick too this episode as well. It’s shaping up to be fairly decent story but it still lacks a solid end goal.


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