Hyouka Episode 14

What is happening here?
No, Eru…don’t learn Irisu’s manipulating ways! It’s too much power. That aside, it was interesting that the cooking contest even managed to feature Satoshi’s style…the fact that he was meticulous, placing value on details goes really well with his character. I think Eru’s already established that she knows how to cook…Mayaka is able to think on her feet, and as usual, Houtarou saves the day from the shadows.

Speaking of Houtarou, his festival experience is starting to feel like one of those old questing-type games. You know…where some guy gives you something and you use it to solve someone else’s problems and they give you a random item that they don’t need as a reward that somehow comes in handy later. For some reason, I can’t think of a specific one. Any ideas?

But the fun and games are over. With the ladle from the cooking club missing, the “Juumonji” business will take front stage. I still can’t piece together a tarot card, some stones, juice, and a ladle. The best idea I have is that maybe the juice is used for the straw and maybe the stones are meant to hold it up (by piling around it). Then maybe the card leans against it or rests on top?

Based on the preview, it looks to have something to do with the newspaper club guy…but they wouldn’t make him a culprit again, would they? There’s a strange image in the preview that makes the act look almost malicious, but that doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the series. Hmm…I wonder. What could be going on?

9 thoughts on “Hyouka Episode 14”

  1. That sounds like any given Tex Murphy or Broken Sword puzzle. A specific example…well, in Under a Killing Moon (Tex Murphy) there’s this one puzzle where you’re given a plastic surgery gift certificate, which you have to give to a deformed mutant for information.

    As for the missing stuff, I’ve personally been working under the assumption it’s fashion club members using stuff for accessories, like that dude who wanted Hotarou’s pen…I guess it could be a newspaper club member (or more than one) trying to spice up the festival instead.


    1. Now I know what I’m thinking of…those old flash games that I used to play when I was using a computer in school.


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