Rinne no Lagrange Episode 15

Asteria…so devious. In order to draw out Madoka’s power, you have emotionally scarred her for life…though I can’t be certain about what was said, I can only imagine it was some variation of where babies come from. I think the funniest part was watching Lan and Muginami get embarrassed beside her…

But they couldn’t exactly harness the power of Vox in the first try, right? Of course, something has to go wrong. Oddly enough, some sort of vengeful spirit shows up to stop Madoka from activating the power. I’m gonna latch on to something specific that she says…something about her alone being enough. Is her spirit somehow keeping the Vox weapons in check?

Let’s couple this with the fact that a physical version of her appears next to Dizelmine at the end. That form seemed more airhead-like, which could suggest a lack of proper mental function. So, maybe the spirit is her soul or something trapped in the Rinne to contain it while the girl next to Dizelmine is some shell of her body. I’d hope it would be explained next week, but I highly doubt Dizelmine will take her with him for the conference. Oh well…guess I just have to sit here and speculate.


9 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Episode 15”

      1. “I don’t understand teenager girls so instead of asking around I make sure to use painful instruments in order to achieve my goal”.
        Sounds legit…:D


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