Binbougami ga Episode 3

Not sure why Ichiko annoys me so much. Was this even supposed to be character development for her this week? She seemed to see things differently at the end, but is she actually changing?  What surprised me in this episode was the fact that Momiji didn’t point out that the kid Ryuu being locked in the sewer was technically Ichiko’s fault. Think about it…she leeches Fortune. Instead, there was this idea that she could “activate” her Fortune for others, which bugs me because I feel like good fortune should be something that isn’t in your control. Oh well…

Next week looks to just go back to business as usual. I dunno if I wanna keep writing about this…maybe it’s a bit much. I’m running out of things to say. I suppose if the show actually has a goal (probably in the form of reforming Ichiko so that she isn’t just selfishly leeching from everyone), then maybe…otherwise, it’s just random comedy, which isn’t bad, but nearly impossible to cover. Final side note: that scene where Momiji pockets the money on the ground while lecturing Ichiko made me laugh a lot more than I expected…

6 thoughts on “Binbougami ga Episode 3”

  1. Expect a lot more of this in the future. I’m at the third volume of the manga atm, and we got another couple of these tearjerking stories…:P


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