Binbougami ga First Impressions

So…I’m not completely sure what I just watched. I guess this show is the mindless comedy of the season…pitting a God of MisfortuneFlatness, Momiji, against a normal human, Sakura, presumably a reincarnation of a God of Fortune or something. So what exactly is the rationale behind sending a God of Misfortune (presumably a being that would be compulsively unlucky) to take care of an incredibly fortunate human, who would likely be too fortunate to be stopped.

I guess these sorts of paradoxical arguments show up when you try to quantify luck (for example, why would an extremely lucky person care about a dying butler when they should be so lucky not to experience negative emotions?). I could go on forever…

I guess the main question is where do we go from here? Does the entire show consist of this Momiji vs. Sakura struggle? If so, that can get really boring really fast. Or will they add more characters that can “withstand” Sakura’s fortune leeching?

Other than that, I’d say I actually was okay with the opening and ending songs…not outrageously silly songs as you would expect from a show like this (the ending kinda pushes it, though).

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