Natsuiro Kiseki Final Episode

Yeah…I was waiting for the friends forever thing. Wasn’t quite expecting them to completely cut themselves off from the magic rock, though. Not bad…if a tad drastic for what the situation was. I give this ending a low-medium-ish rating in my books. It’s as complete as endings get, I suppose. Unless they come up with a new set of girls, they can’t exactly continue things…the rock’s probably had its run.

It’s a strange series for me as a whole. I seemed to have a lot of problems with it, yet I continued to watch. I wonder if I should make a post about the rock…I’m pretty sure I have a lot to say about it. With my feelings so mixed, what are general impressions of this show? Final Note: I counted 8 repeats, so going through the same day 9 times. Does that count as Endless Eight?

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