Tsuritama Final Episode

This was the funniest moment ever…Everyone else flinches when hit with the water gun and Akira starts flailing despite knowing it was coming. I couldn’t stop laughing, especially in such a serious situation. But that aside, the rest of the ending was pretty normal stuff. They save the world, everyone goes on with their lives, and Haru comes back in the end to be with the changed Yuki. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me last week that Haru could be a lure…need to work on those deductive skills.

Pretty amusing show in all (+1 to Tapioca for being the first of the main characters to get a girlfriend…Ayumi doesn’t count). Hope you guys enjoyed the experience. I can’t say that I’ve been inspired to go out and go fishing after watching this, but I see it in a new light.

4 thoughts on “Tsuritama Final Episode”

  1. That sure was an unexpected moment! I think I found it even funnier though when Natsuki wrapped the fishing wire around Haru’s neck.
    Or perhaps the very premise of casting human!Haru off into the ocean in the most ridiculously epic way possible was, in fact, the funniest moment. Somehow a crowning moment of awesome and funny at the same time.


    1. yeah…I didn’t want go too much into the implications of tying fishing line (which is used to kill people in murder mysteries) around someone’s neck.


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