Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Final Episode

Sigh…I was jerked around again. Just like Ano Natsu, they build a really sad ending that you can accept as being better for the greater good and whatnot, only to violently interrupt it in the very final moments of the series. So they went with the Amidamaru-style ending after all…figured as much. Something they didn’t mention, though. You could almost think of Yuuko disappearing as sort of like an equalization. Think about it. When Teiichi dies, Yuuko will likely have to stand by him and watch as he disappears before her. So this is kinda like payback.

Although it’s not explicitly said, strong believers of the happy ending can choose to believe that Yuuko will disappear from the world when Teiichi dies, saving her from an eternity of suffering. Personally, I choose to believe this because it makes logical sense. She’s held here by strong emotions, so they would likely free her when he dies. Also, having children with a ghost is just pushing it, so she wouldn’t theoretically have a reason to linger after that (unlike Sophie in Tales of Graces if you know that story).

I had a working theory that maybe when Yuuko came back, it would set off another arc that tried to figure out why she was kept in the world, but I guess it was just the simple answer. It might have been interesting, though, would you agree? But alas, it is all over. A rather amusing series as a whole. As I said before, I liked how science is used in an attempt (I stress the word attempt) to rationalize the supernatural. I’ll try to review this soon.

6 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Final Episode”

  1. Time to go read the manga I guess.

    Ghost babies for the win. That would be a sight to see and honestly it’s probably not the worst direction the story could go in since they already train-wrecked the ending.

    It wasn’t a bad story but the ending did kind of screw it over.


    1. it’s the temporary happiness style of ending. The audience likes it because at the very end, every character appears to be happy, but if you think rationally, everyone doesn’t necessarily remain happy


  2. What if the strong emotions of love will change into sadness and keep her into this world? That would be damnation again until she finds another boy and…


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