Hyouka Episode 10

Wow…that was truly impressive. Houtarou presents a conclusion that explains everything to the point where the beginning of the episode makes it seem like it concludes the arc. I was almost ready to justify the ending if I had to (you could argue that the ending he proposes challenges preconceptions by almost making the audience reject an obvious solution, then affirm that it is the solution). But something about it nagged at me…it didn’t seem good enough, and Mayaka voices that at the end with just one word: ROPE.

It’s an interesting idea. Because of the smaller mysteries in between, I didn’t quite expect this arc to go the same way as the first Hyouka arc, where Houtarou’s initially proposed conclusion is actually incomplete. But if the pattern holds, I have trouble seeing how the rope doesn’t completely derail his theory. In the first situation, he got most of the stuff right, but just missed some details. If they want to create the same thing with this movie, I definitely want to see how they do it.

I also like what Fuyumi said to Houtarou. Chalking repetitive success up to luck is almost insulting to those without the same talents. It was surprising that someone other than Eru is having this much effect on Houtarou’s character, but it’s still cool. I’m not sure if the whole “Houtarou, you are the chosen one. Embrace your power!” bit was necessary, but it was amusing to watch.

Also, I’ve seen some people around asking why no one just goes and asks Hongou what the ending should be. If she’s at home sick, then we can assume that at least three days have passed based on the progression of the arc. If she has been gone for more than three days, it’s not some normal illness (usually that would only affect you severely for one or two days). What kind of insensitive bastard goes to a sick person’s house and starts asking “What’s the ending to that story you were writing for us?” Seriously, who does that?

Either way, next week will likely solve everything, so I look forward to seeing how they decide to resolve it. I have high hopes! But one final question: aren’t there four characters in this main cast? Must be a heck of a hangover…

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