Space Brothers Episode 13

Not bad, Mutta. I originally interpreted his comment that the 3-D ant story wouldn’t work on the reporter as his thinking that the idea was just too childish or simplistic to send to a trained critic. But he actually thinks things through and comes up with a solution that surprises everyone. Meanwhile, Kenji continues to be an excellent leader for Team B, coaxing out the response from the Asian guy. I wonder what the director’s last comment meant. Was it a setup for next week to point out some problem with the space program or the exam that would prevent them from sending the letter? Or was he convinced by what Mutta said?

Next week is a look at the old guy’s history. He’s always cheerful and optimistic, so either he’s always been like that or he’s suffered enough to make him think like that. Should be interesting to find out which. I wonder if they’ll go into each character’s background while they’re sealed. That Nitta guy has me interested.

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