Sankarea Episode 11

Finally back with another episode after a week’s break (I swear it wasn’t my fault). And now the father conflict is resolved…finally, the guy listens to reason. Rea had to basically confess to Chihiro to get him to back off. Still, during that whole conversation, I found myself constantly thinking “uhh…it can’t be healthy that Chihiro has a hole in his gut.” Even if he’s numbed to pain, he should still bleed…which unrealistically started to happen right when the conversation ended (lol…physics. Who needs that anyway?).

I wonder what comes next. I guess it depends on what the ending is supposed to be. If it’s a neutral ending where everyone lives on with their “normal” lives, then the last episodes would be filler comedy. If we go for “happy ending” with Rea and Chihiro, then the last episode would be figuring out the cure. The second option would be more interesting, but I dunno how it will work with time. It looked like Rea was kinda thinking about her life as a zombie at the end this week, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate anything. Hmm…I’d have to put my bet on neutral ending because 1) romantic happy endings are a rare sight and 2) I’m sure a company would be more likely to open up to more seasons.

2 thoughts on “Sankarea Episode 11”

  1. Yeah, it did seem a little kind of strange when all of a sudden he had this giant pool of blood on the floor when before nothing had been happening.

    As for the last episode…I don’t know. I want to say like it wouldn’t just be standard filler comedy, because Sankarea’s been pretty good about that (hey, you could spin that Mero episode as character development). I feel like it’ll be somewhere in between. I doubt Rea’ll get cured, but…We’ll see.


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