Medaka Box Final Episode

I guess that’s a way to end everything. Back to business as usual, with the suggestion being a giant analogy to the student council’s own situation without Medaka. Naturally, everything was fairly chill this week without her to go over-the-top. After the ridiculous battle that destroyed the school, what else could you ask? I will say this, though…I know what it feels like to have no one want to compete with you. It’s not fun to strive to become better while everyone else around you is content. That being said, what Natayama did was excessive, but I can see what she feels to a point.

The final scene sets up for the second season by introducing a new enemy. I’m not sure if I could say that it has been an enjoyable experience with this show…mostly because it almost felt like there was filler material in such a short season. Based on what I hear, things get crazy from here with everyone introduced, so maybe the second season will offer something more interesting. I can only hope. I may give it a shot…we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Medaka Box Final Episode”

  1. It is filler indeed. By the standards of all of the chapters here on out, the first Season’s material is the weakest of all, and least indicative of Medaka Box.

    The battle with Unzen is a foretaste of what is the Second Season is. So if you enjoyed it, the Second Season provides more of it, while moving the plot forward.

    The next season would be entirely arc based- it’ll likely cover one whole arc, and honestly speaking, by the standards of the genre Medaka Box belongs to, most of the material in the first Season is filler worth, if it was in any other show of the same genre. It’s also filler worthy by the contents and standards of every arc from Unzen onward.


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