Zetman Episode 12

What the heck happened to Kouga? I can’t believe all that crap worked and he actually shot his father. In a longer anime, I’d say Jin would have to get him back on the right path. Since there isn’t time for that, I guess it’s not as bad as it looks? Honestly, it looks like there is too much to resolve in one episode, but I will see how it goes. I really wonder how Konoha is going to factor into things…with Kouga responsible for shooting her parents, it looks pretty likely that she will die.

I guess Hanako was Haitani’s trap? Rather than tampering with the Red Stone, I guess he’s trying to force Jin to kill her so that he will join him. I would say that’s not particularly the best plan because Jin has protagonist protection against corruption…theoretically. Still, it’s not like Hanako can stay that way forever…that means he either finds a way to turn her back or she will do something like take a hit for him and die. I’m leaning towards the second one…sounds pretty standard in a show like this. Either way, we’ll have to see.

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