Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 11

So I’m really mad at myself for not realizing that Teiichi is Asa’s grandson. It explains why he’s able to see Yuuko (I assume Asa should be able to see her too). This episode pretty much went as expected…the whole accepting the Shadow Yuuko and gaining a Persona business. A note on what I said last week. Thinking back, Yukariko and Asa couldn’t have revealed the sacrifice because no one would believe them and the elders would just do something to them…plus, they eventually died anyway.

So that’s all over, right? But this isn’t the last episode. By the looks of it, because she’s finally gotten over her death and accepted her memories, Yuuko is starting to pass. There are two ways that this can go. First, we could do it Fate/Stay style where Teiichi accepts that Yuuko does not belong in this world and must pass on to finally find peace. Sad goodbyes, but theoretically the happier alternative (maybe Teiichi could rebound with Kirie). The second ending is Shaman King style, where Yuuko doesn’t end up passing because she becomes by to the world by her feelings for Teiichi (Amidamaru reference ftw). They can live a happy life together, but there’s the possibility that Yuuko would continue to stay after Teiichi dies, making it a sadder ending.

I guess there’s another option…I could be entirely wrong about Yuuko passing and she’s just having some troubles phasing. Either way, one more episode to go.

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