Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 10

Say what you will…I found this episode to be pretty intriguing. The stuff about Yuuko’s life and the sacrifice were things I’d pretty much anticipated, but the episode as a whole made me think a bit. First off, we have the mystery of Yuuko’s ghost.

You would think that Asa or Yukariko would know something about it, but the true events seem to remain hidden. I wonder what happened that silenced them both. Even if they don’t know that Yuuko returned as a ghost, they still should have done something about the elders and their sacrifice.

The episode also explains why Yuuko sealed off her memories. Dying slowly while trapped in a hole is agonizing, so it makes sense to try and shield the mind from reliving it. I had originally suspected that Yuuko sealed her memories because of shame, but it’s just an understandable defense mechanism.

Still, I’d say the most interesting part of the episode was watching as Yuuko’s mind split into the part that hates the elders and Asa and the part that refuses to descend into that. By the looks of it, the walk down memory lane continues next week. I guess the show simply moves towards Teiichi understanding and forcing a reconciliation out of Shadow Yuuko? Still wonder if this is the anime original ending or intended manga ending.


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