Fate/Zero Episode 23

So sad that Rider had to die, but it had to happen. I personally thought his death was pretty cool, but I would have liked him to give Gilgamesh a slightly harder time. Can’t have it all, I guess. Waver smartly preserves his life by getting rid of his Command Seals last week…he didn’t turn out to be so bad of a character. Definitely the best pair of the Grail War, but unfortunately not winner material.

We also find out that Berserker is Lancelot. I figured he had a relation to the Black Knight, but I didn’t expect it to be Lancelot. Not that I know that much about the Black Knight (just the stuff from Fire Emblem, which is the only reason I recognize the sword Arondight). I’d say that Rider/Gilgamesh had the better battle this week. Hopefully the battles next week are cool too.

5 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 23”

  1. haha gilgamesh bag of trick is endless…

    hmm rider ionian hetaiori is quite something got to give praise for rider and the real life alexander….though good that waver finally man up and learn how to life life like rider….


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