Sankarea Episode 10

I’m surprised that Chihiro can keep that same bored expression while listening to two pretty depressing stories. The first being the tale of the ignored stepmother and the second being of Rea’s father, who actually has a slightly legit reason to be so clingy after losing his love so quickly. Father’s still nuts, but just a little bit less nuts than I thought.

Not much else to say about this episode. Next week, since the talk with the mother is over, the talk with the father must begin. And by talk, I mean fencing match…because fight for Rea’s love? Preview also shows Rea hopping in (I’m so funny) to interrupt the fight…will the father finally back off?

6 thoughts on “Sankarea Episode 10”

  1. Hopping in. You’re so funny 😛

    It was nice to find out about the family but it was really sad. Hopefully the fencing match is fun to watch but Chihiro is doomed to lose.


    1. I know! I totally could have been a stand-up comedian if I wasn’t an anime blogger…

      Chihiro has plot armor…he could pull it off


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