Medaka Box Episode 10

Well…that was different. I guess the idea is to show the imperfection of Medaka by allowing her to fall to rage, but she’s still ridiculously overpowered. So she’s not completely idealistic…doesn’t really change the fact that no one can top her. Also, it makes me worry about what comes next.

Medaka was easily outclassing Unzen before, but her supposedly powered-up form has arrived. If so, then how one-sided is the next episode gonna be? If Unzen just gets face-smashed the whole time, it can’t possibly be that interesting. So I’m hoping there’s a twist in there somewhere.

If we assume that my theory of Unzen joining the student council is right, then it does sorta open up a possibly theory for next week. We’ve seen that Medaka loses her ideals in her new War God Mode, so she would theoretically refuse to save Unzen in any way. So if we assume that she has to save Unzen to recruit him, then something shuts off her transformation despite Zenkichi saying he has no control over it. Shot in the dark theory, but I guess it’s plausible.

3 thoughts on “Medaka Box Episode 10”

  1. For some reason, such speculation stirs a strong temptation to blurt out spoilers.

    But there is a very good reason for Medaka holding the ideals she does. Sadly, it seems that unless there’s a second season, anime viewers will never get to see Medaka’s backstory, or really understand why Nisio made Medaka’s character that way.


    1. haha…tempting as it may be, I’ll find out like everyone else. I just find speculation fun…you don’t need to pay it any mind

      As to your second point, it’s a pity…unfortunate that the first season seems to be missing so much.


      1. It is. The first season in my opinion really failed to capture the essence of Medaka box, except for the last two episodes- which really, are more typical Medaka Box. The way they adapted was understandable if they had two cours to play around. With merely one though, it gives off the impression that Gainax didn’t really grasp what Medaka Box really was about, nor the real appeal of the manga.

        If Unzen had happened in Episode 4 or 5, this might have been easier to swallow. Unfortunately, two very long Story Arcs will follow the Unzen/Enforcer Arc- back to back.

        Medaka Box should be more properly thought of in terms of Story Arcs, like a Shounen Manga.

        The first two Arcs are non-indicative, and are best, character set-up, and unfortunately, it seems that Gainax spent too much time on what might well have been side-story OVA Material in another series with a more generous episode allocation.

        The third arc, which is the one you are seeing right now really marks the real beginning of the story. Which leads directly on to the Fourth Arc, which bleeds into the Fifth arc very seamlessly.

        So, unfortunately, this show is going to end at what is essentially Chapter 1. The way I see it, the first 8 Episodes are prologue, and Episode 9 – 11 is chapter 1.

        But, if you really want to see where your speculation leads, perhaps you might want to consider picking up the manga? The Slice of Life shinnegans of the first 8 Episodes will NOT be coming back at all.


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