Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 9

Magical boobs of memory transfer this week? Yeesh…what’s up with this? Either way, pretty interesting stuff. Makes me wonder, though…how the heck did Yuuko ever have power over Shadow Yuuko? She’s always just been a shell of sorts while Shadow Yuuko held basically everything else.

Nonetheless, Yuuko showing emotion this week is interesting. Did Shadow Yuuko intentionally give her some emotions back with the memories of Teiichi? Or maybe she doesn’t have total control and the emotions just went back with the memories?

Either way, I was expecting Yuuko to be the one reliving her memories, but I guess Teiichi has to do it. After he sees what really happened, I guess he’ll try to reconcile the two Yuuko’s and force Yuuko to accept Shadow Yuuko, turning her into a card that she can- err…

Is this stuff all manga stuff or has this show done the classic move of diverging from the manga’s story? I wonder…help me out here >.>

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