Space Brothers Episode 10

The third exam begins. As usual, our dimwitted protagonist fails to notice the cameras in the bus while Kenji does. I liked Kenji a lot in this episode…his behavior in the icebreaker and the look into his thoughts at the beginning. But man, that last part of the test with the questionnaire…I would hate to be put into that situation.

There are so many ways you can read people’s rankings of each other that I’d have thought myself into a coma before writing down the first name. I’m really curious how they end up analyzing that. Not much to say about the preview…more exam stuff next week…not much I can really say about it. But with the episode content done, let’s go tangent a bit.


I’m sorry, but I just can’t help myself. I need to analyze this guy’s technique. First off, his turning. He uses his full hand to turn, rather than just his fingers like I would. This makes each motion less efficient, despite how quickly he can turn. And then we have his method.

If we look at the screenshot, he has the corner on the lowest level solved, but the edge on the middle level is not solved. This is an indicator of the basic method, known as layer-by-layer method. If it were me, I would have that edged solved simultaneously with the corner. If I had to guess, I would say his time is around 45 seconds, which is intermediate-ish level.

2 thoughts on “Space Brothers Episode 10”

  1. You know the average person like myself would not have noticed all that regarding the Rubik’s Cube. I should have thought of you with that scene. For Mutta to be as intelligent as he is, he can be pretty dim-witted. He was more focused on the lady and not realizing that the whole trip in itself was a test. Kenjil seemed to be one of the few who understood as he grasps a lot of information quickly. You would think an episode with people riding on a bus throughout the entirety wouldn’t be interesting, but it was. And I’m glad I finally figured out the connection between Mutta and his “aunt”. It was driving me nuts.


    1. Well, there aren’t that many people who would notice that sort of thing with Rubik’s Cube…most of the techniques I use are pretty advanced.

      Personally, I’m surprised that so few people noticed that a completely sealed bus was a test. Even if they were taking you to a secret facility, I would just expect tinted windows, not the metal gates and the like.


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