Another Episode 0

Yeesh…this episode was so sad…which is actually pretty different from the original series, which started out being tragic and eventually became slightly comical with the number of deaths. I thought the Ferris Wheel incident was a nice touch (especially since I noticed the screw go loose) and the portrayal of the sisters together was good, but my biggest complaint would probably have to be Misaki’s death. I just wish she wasn’t shown in so much anguish at the end…that face she made really ruined it for me.

Other than that, I have the usual complaint about the music, which is fairly minor in comparison. As before in the beach scene, the music that they play for the light parts of the show just doesn’t fit. All in all, it’s a nice episode to see everything before the story, but it lacks the suspense that the series had (although in its defense, probably fewer doll shots). One last question: anyone else think the very first scene was like something out of Kurokami?

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