Tsuritama Episode 7

More trouble has arrived. Now that Yuki’s fairly comfortable around everyone, it’s time to tackle Natsuki. He’s clearly got some family issues, but I get the feeling they’re not as simple as I think. Or may he just resents his dad, avoiding his decision to continue on with a new family after his mother’s passing.

I dunno…if that’s the case, I’m having trouble accepting his slapping Sakura. I wonder what could be so bad…you would normally expect a character like that to at least be kind to his sister. Am I missing something?

Either way, Sakura is gonna speed up the process by running off. Based on remaining time in the series, it should be wrapped up next week. Haru’s also been acting strange…but I think that can all be attributed to a fear of the ocean after the encounter last week (or is it something more?). Not all that much I can go on right now…simply speculating.

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